Our Journey

LRS Journey Revolutionized

How It All Began

LRS was originally known as Ladies Retreat Spa which was a home based business. I started my venture after leaving a successful corporate career and questioning my purpose in life.

I volunteered much of my time serving the homeless, women's shelters, and local communities. Through this journey, I found a new purpose and remedy to heal myself by serving others. At the time, I realized middle class women needed the most care based on my personal life experience. Much like you and I, we carry the responsibility of being a good daughter, wife, mother, balancing career and social life. All of this weighs heavy on our shoulders but rarely we 'check in' to a institute and say "I need help." Instead, we check in to a spa and that's how LRS journey began. Ladies Retreat Spa's intention was to offer healing disguised in spa services.

Clients were welcomed with a hug, flower pinned in their hair and pictures taken giving them a reason to smile. Blankets were offered to feel warm and cozy while waiting for their services. Meditation was incorporated into every retreat to allow clients to connect within themselves.

Soon after, the word spread and Ladies Retreat Spa was known as hidden little gem attracting clients from all over Ontario. The spa at home was in operation for its second year and covid happened. Businesses were shut and left many devastated as to what's to come next.

I didn't know if it was a blessing in disguise or an end to my new found purpose in life. Each day of lockdown felt like weeks, and months felt like years.

I felt same void again which couldn't be filled with anything else. This time, I felt that void not just for myself but staff too. Each day wondering how they too will surpass this pandemic. Post lockdown, we had an opportunity to reopen and welcome clients to heal. This time around, people were not the same. They had deeper wounds to heal. Presenting themselves to be strong on the outside but their wounds inside were felt. They were scared of the new norm, masks, sanitizers, temperature check, and no more hugs.

Lockdown happend again! Bookings were cancelled, layoffs were issued and everything felt like back to square one.

Now what? Where do we go from here? How long will this cycle of re-opening and closing will last?

There was too much emotional and physical pain going through this process. Many small businesses were being shut and many livelihoods lost. Earth was healing but silence on the streets and closed business signs felt like a silent death.

I couldn't sit still knowing so many lives were hurt and impacted. So many jobs were lost and the world was shifting so fast that it felt like 'do or die' situation.

Like much part of the world, my anxiety kicked in causing more health issues but there was no time to sit and do nothing.

I put my trust in God- The Universe and begged for help to stay true to my path.

Old ways were not going to work. Plans had to be shifted and changed quickly.

Today, we are on a same journey but with a different approach. Ladies Retreat Spa has been rebranded as LRS because it's not just ladies who need healing but everyone. LRS 's journey is to empower a working force to continue with their passion, be true to themselves and work for themselves. This type of work approach is needed. Everyone has been left damaged by the pandemic. Everyone needs their space without the pressure of losing their job if they get sick. Clients need to feel confident that they are protected and safe.

People need to be taken care of more now than ever before. LRS wishes to empower the workforce and care for those receiving services. LRS journey continues by bringing a new purpose to serve others in a new world.

A new chapter unfolds and we welcome you to be part of it.

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