LRS App Features

Launching Across The USA & Canada Soon!


Designed for Ease and Empowerment

  • The LRS App offers a complete array of features that make life easier for everyone involved. As a user, you get access to:

  • Reviews — Professionals can gather feedback from their clients, and clients have a chance to share their experiences.
  • Online Booking — Professionals set their own schedules using the LRS I Bot, so their clients can book appointments immediately. No phone calls required!
  • Notifications — Never miss an appointment thanks to our reminders and calendar sync capabilities.
  • Reward Points — Professionals easily encourage loyalty in their clients, and clients get to collect and redeem points for discounts.
  • Bookmarks — The app automatically bookmarks professionals users choose. Clients can also add their own bookmarks.
  • Daily Deals — Professionals pull in new business, and clients enjoy notifications about local discounts.

            Book Appointments in 3 Easy Steps

            1. Search for Services

            It's 7pm on Friday. You want to book a massage for the weekend, but all the businesses have closed for the night. Use our app to find a list of spas and mobile therapists nearby.

            2. Compare Search Results

            Easily compare prices, locations, reviews, and distance. All these details eliminate the guesswork so you can easily book the right appointment for you.

            3. Book Your Appointment

            Simply press "Book" to reserve your appointment. Congratulations, you have just booked an appointment without calling anyone!