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The Story of LRS

Making the choice to leave my successful corporate career in 2014 was not an easy decision but I knew my next step needed to be personally fulfilling.

During my search for purpose, I volunteered in local shelters which allowed me to experience the radical benefits of directly helping those in need. My heart was especially captivated by the needs of middle-class women like myself, women who needed help but hardly had time to catch their breath. I decided to offer them a safe place and the Ladies Retreat Spa (LRS) was born.

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LRS offered healing disguised as spa services and my clients quickly noticed the difference personal attention can make. Soon LRS was known across Ontario for its warmth and personal approach to wellness. Unfortunately, after 3 years of business, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. LRS could no longer serve clients, who needed help more than ever, as the pandemic continued to escalate. This was especially painful for me because I knew what my clients were suffering and I couldn’t help them. That's when I decided to pivot.

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Today, we are on the same journey but with a different approach. Ladies Retreat Spa has been rebranded as LRS because it's not just ladies who need healing, but everyone. LRS's journey is to empower a working force to continue with their passion, be true to themselves and work for themselves. This type of work approach is needed. Everyone has been left damaged by the pandemic. Everyone needs their space without the pressure of losing their job if they get sick. Clients need to feel confident that they are protected and safe.

People need to be taken care of more now than ever before. LRS wishes to empower the workforce and care for those receiving services. The LRS journey continues by bringing a new purpose to serve others in a new world.

A new chapter unfolds and we welcome you to be part of it.

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