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Whether you’re a chiropractor or a hairstylist, you deserve a cutting-edge tool that helps you connect with clients and promote your brand. With LRS Mobile Wellness, the only person you report to is yourself. Be your own boss. We will empower you to fulfill your potential while providing invaluable support to your community. Join us today.

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Our Programs Promote Wellness in New Ways!

Your community is full of skilled and highly-trained professionals who can make your life better. LRS Mobile Wellness not only puts these services at your fingertips, but it also helps you find appointments, leave reviews and earn discounts. Online booking has never been easier! If you’re an employer, LRS Mobile Wellness is the high-performance employee assistance program that will keep your team strong. Join the movement that’s changing the wellness industry!

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Coming 2022! the LRS Mobile Wellness app will keep you up-to-date with events and appointments. It also tracks opportunities for retreats and longer excursions. We partner with companies and professionals who want to share our empowerment, so learn more today!

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